Analytical Economics Associates is a team of economists, forensic economists, financial professionals, and education professionals with extensive consulting and expert witness experience focused on economic damages analysis, forensic economics, and other economic, forensic, and statistical analysis. We provide litigation consulting and analysis services to attorneys representing individuals, insurance companies, corporations, and private or public (government and non-government) entities in a wide range of complex litigation matters across the United States.

Our representative clients are highly regarded law firms and insurance carriers representing defendants and plaintiffs in complex individual, multiple-plaintiff, pattern and practice, and class action litigation matters.

We provide our clients informed, reliable, and effective economic analyses, with particular experience in appraising the value of economic damages in a wide variety of litigation matters ranging from individual claims to class-action claims across all industries, all occupations, all employee classifications and groups, independent contractors and business owners, as well as analyses in matters resulting in economic damages to individuals (irrespective of employment status) and/or consumers affected by allegedly wrongful actions, products, or services, in multiple states across the United States.

We offer our clients clear, understandable, and comprehensive analyses of economic damages in matters involving claims of employment wrongful actions, personal injury, wrongful death, the valuation of future medical and care needs, wrongful incarceration, and commercial disputes involving claims of lost profits resulting from breach of contract, legal malpractice, false advertising, and damaged/contaminated products, as well as structured settlement analysis such as New York 50-A and 50-B analyses, and that include the analysis of collateral course offsets.

With a combination of continuous research and knowledge expansion focus as well as a curated review of all details and information and of relevant, applicable research, and a laser-focus on the issues at hand in every specific case, we bring in-depth economic damages analysis and a wealth of insight and experience to every client engagement.

Under the leadership of our Founder, Senior Economist and Testifying Expert, Josefina V. Tranfa-Abboud, Ph.D., CFE, MAFF, the work is grounded on solid proprietary and researched data that is specific and directly relevant to each matter.